Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{My Trip To Seattle}

My husband and I took a trip to Seattle last week and
I wanted to share a few cool sites...

This is me in front of the ORIGINAL Starbucks.
I was so excited to see it and I don't even drink coffee!

This is me touching a BIG crab from the Pike's Place
Public Market. This is the place where they throw
fish like you see in the movies.

Creepy fish!

Tons of beautiful flowers for sale.
I wish I could buy these at home for $10 a bunch.

This is the famous house from the movie
 Sleepless In Seattle.
It recently sold for 2 million!

Of course...the Space Needle!

The syline view from the water. We were on the
Duck Tour and the bus drove right into the water!

It wouldn't be a real trip without one of these
goofy pictures you take of yourself.

And you know me...I was going to find some minis.
I spent way too much at a little shop in
Kirkland, Washington. I'm sure you'll see these soon
filled with things made by me.

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