Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Little Fabric Shoppe

The Little Fabric Shoppe

Look inside the window

Come inside

Look around

Felt, fabric, and notions

Cute pillows for sale

The cutting table

Charms for sale

Mastercard and Visa are accepted

Fat quarters for $3 and look at the trims 

Has a cover to protect and keep the dust out

Side views

For sale in my Etsy shop!


Hope you enjoyed!


elizabeth s said...

Your Fabric shop is Adorable and even though I don't sew, I would visit your establishment regularly for the sheer pleasure of being surrounded by so many Beautiful colors and fabrics! :D

Unknown said...

That’s superb!!! So kool!

Rob said...

Love it! Fabric. Such a pretty little thing to shop for and no matter how much you have, you want more. I bet it was so fun to put together!

Rob said...

From Rob's wife. :)

Alexandra Martinez said...

Beautiful shop. I love it!

Luren said...

A combination of my two favourite hobbies. What bliss

Megan Wallace said...

All the little details! Amazing work.

miniacollection said...

How gorgeous!

Mi mundo de miniatura said...

Muy bonita Anna, en mi blog yo también realicé una tienda de patchwork.

Laura Watson said...

Amazing work. So cute and beautiful.

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