Monday, January 24, 2011

{So Easy Chicken Quesadillas}

but so good!

Chicken Quesadillas

1 package Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Strips
1 package Flour Tortillas
1 bag Shredded Lettuce
1 bag Shredded Cheddar Cheese

~ Preheat Quesadilla maker.
~ I bought mine at Kohl's for $14.99.
~ They are fun to have for football parties and
great for quick meals.

~ It takes 10 minutes for the quesadilla maker to heat up.

~ Put chicken in skillet with a little water and
stir often until it thaws.

  ~ I sprinkle my chicken with soy sauce, lime juice,
and lemon pepper.
~ You can spice yours up any way you like.

~ Butter one side of each tortilla.
~ Place butter side down on quesadilla maker.
~ If you don't have a quesadilla maker you can
use a non-stick skillet.

~ Put chicken on top of tortilla.


~ Cover chicken with cheese.
~ Add sauteed onions and peppers if you like.

~ Close lid and let cook until golden brown.
~ If using a skillet you will layer it the same way and
brown both sides.

~ Cut quesadilla with a pizza cutter.

~ Arrange quesadillas and lettuce, garnish with
sour cream if you like.
~ Put salsa in small bowls for dipping.

"Quesadilla Bueno!"

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