Friday, January 14, 2011

{Some Things Still Are Free!}

I get such a rush when I find a good coupon! This week I got some things for free! Yes, there are some things you can still get for free!

How did I do it? I usually buy at least 4 Sunday papers. If the coupons are good, I will buy more. I buy them at the Dollar Tree because guess what - they are only a dollar! Publix had Jolly Time popcorn on sale for $1. I had five 50¢ off coupons. Publix doubles coupons so I got my popcorn for free! Get the idea?

I have actually made money on certain items. For example - CVS had Palmolive dish liquid on sale for 88¢. I had coupons for $2 off of 2. I also had coupons for 75¢ off of 1. So I bought 3 for $2.64, but got $2.75 off. I ended up getting 10 for free and I made some money too!

Couponing takes time, but it's so worth it!

Tip of the week: When buying multiple papers, separate the pages, stack like pages together, and then cut.

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