Sunday, March 25, 2012

"One Mini Year Of Goodies"

I was so excited and honored to have my minis featured in the April addition of the American Miniaturist magazine! The article was titled "One Mini Year Of Goodies" and was written by a dear friend of mine, Amy Hill. I love this magazine and this issue has lots of cute ideas for springtime and Easter.


Jackie said...

THAT is really cool! Kudos to you on the article! :)


Mins said...

Loved reading your article in the mag! That was how I found your blog from here in Australia! I bet you'll have tons of followers from all over the world now that your name is getting out! I'm so inspired by your talent, you're so clever and it's obvious how much love you put into your miniature projects.

Keep up the wonderful blog and amazing work xx

Drora's minimundo said...

How wonderful for you! Congratulations. I love visiting your blog.


Little Things By Anna... said...

Thanks so much!!